The Processing Principle of Gas-assisted Injection Molding System

The gas-assisted injection molding system directly injects nitrogen into the plasticized plastic in the mold cavity through a segmented pressure control system. Then, the inside of the plastic part expands and becomes hollow. But it still keeps the shape of the product surface intact.

Advantages of applying gas-assisted injection molding technology

1) Save plastic materials with a saving rate as high as 50%.

2) Shorten product production cycle time.

3) Reduce the clamping pressure of the injection molding machine up to 60%.

4) Improve the working life of the injection molding machine.

5) Reduce the pressure in the mold cavity, reduce the loss of the mold and increase the working life of the mold.

6) For some plastic products, the mold can be made of aluminum metal materials.

7) Reduce the internal stress of the product.

8) Solve and eliminate the sink marks problem on the product surface.

9) Simplify the complicated design of the product.

10) Reduce the power consumption of the injection molding machine.

11) Reduce the investment cost of injection molding machines and developing molds.

12) Reduce production costs.

Gas-assisted injection molding technology can be applied to various plastic products, such as TV or audio enclosures, automotive plastic products, furniture, bathrooms, cabinets, household appliances and daily necessities, various types of plastic boxes and toys, etc.

Material selection

Basically all thermoplastics used for injection molding (reinforced or not) and general engineering plastics (such as pps, pai, pes) are suitable for gas-assisted injection molding.

1) Prevent air trapping and ensure even gas filling.

2) Prevent the gas from breaking the surface of the finished product.

3) The trapped gas has squeeze characteristics and plays an important role in the pressure holding stage. Therefore, with the aid of computer-aided simulation analysis, it can ensure that the plastic distribution and mold filling can be more accurately predicted.

Requirements for injection molding machine system equipment

Basically, the gas-assisted injection molding system can be used with injection molding machines of different brands around the world, as long as these injection molding machines are equipped with:

1) Slingshot nozzle to prevent high-pressure gas from running into the screw of the injection molding machine.

2) The screw stroke of the injection molding machine is equipped with an electronic ruler stroke switch. And that is to trigger the signal to the gas auxiliary main system to inject high-pressure nitrogen into the mold cavity.

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