New Series Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine


Reliable and Durable

High rigid formwork, average stress distribution, little deformation; The center template structure, improve the precision of mould locking, back pressure design of mould opening, smooth movement: Use thin oil lubrication: Ensure the lubricate effect, make the mold lock life longer.

Precision Stability

Balanced doudle cyinder iniection system integral linear rail injection unit ensure the uniform stress and small friction in the process of injection, and extend the service life of parts such as material tubegroup, oil cylinder and oil seal.

Accurate and Efficient

Fully optimize the plasticizing system to ensure even plasticizing, fast and accurate injection.

Energy Saving

Latest servo system, overall low noise, full power, quick response, more energy saving, more durable.

High Rigidity Design

Machine runs more smoothly


Friendly human-computer interface. Integration of a large number of common functional software. Implementation of maneuverability and maintainability programs to allow customers to use more freedom and ease.

New Series - K210S
New Series - K270S
New Series - K800S
New Series-K1000S
New Series - K1000S

Parameters of New  Series Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine

Injection Unit
Clamping Unit

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