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Cable tie manufacturing is a small section in the plastic industry, because the use of the cable tie is limited and the output under the automatic production line may be huge. The result is that several machines may meet all local demand. And if the management is correct, it will be a zone which is excluding the other cable tie seller. 

But how to archive the success injection molding of cable tie and keep the correct management?

The following articles have explained all the issues from the different points of view, please check them.

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cable tie injection molding machine

Cable Tie Manufacturing

Cable Tie Manufacturing – by Bill Huang This article is introducing the Manufacturing of Cable Tie from three aspects: injection molding machine special for cable tie, cable tie mold  raw materials, and the relationship of these three elements in the cable tie manufacturing. In this article, I am trying to solve all

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cable tie equipment

Cable Tie Manufacturing Equipment

Cable Tie Manufacturing Equipment The collections for the cable tie plant equipemnts, including cable tie injection molding machine, cable tie mold, and all the auxiliary machines.  The equipments is the key factor for the success molding, which is explaining one by one in detail in the article. The equipment is the key factor for the success molding. In this

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3×200-cable tie mold design

Cable Tie Mould – Guide of 2023

Cable Tie Mould – Guide of 2023 All issues about cable tie mould: cable tie mould drawing, cable tie mould manufacturing process with photos and videos.  What should we pay attention to the cable tie mold design? What should we pay attention when purchase a cable tie mold ? How to inspect

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