Application of Metal Cable Ties

Metal cable ties can be used in the most arduous conditions or where the additional security, strength and fire resistance of a metal fixing is required. 

The industries they are commonly used:

  • From Mass Transit, Ship building, oil rigs, mining, and chemical
  • To theatres and exhibition halls.

In the event of a fire, the metal zip ties will remain securely held in place and will not fall to block emergency exits.

The application of metal cable ties

Stainless steel cable ties (metal cable ties) are made of 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel

In terms of the different processes, they are also divided into plastic-coated stainless steel zip ties and plastic-sprayed stainless steel cable ties.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties of Different Coated

They are often used for industrial binding and fixing. The biggest feature of the stainless steel cable tie is that it has a steel ball locking mechanism, which is simple and convenient to bundle. Therefore, this metal cable ties are very popular.

How to manufacture Metal Zip Ties ?

We supply a full production line of Metal cable ties, which is useful to start manufacturing metal cable ties.

1. Lock-head of Metal Cable Ties production

Punching Machine

Punching machine

Lock head mould

Lock head moulds

Rewinding rack

Rewinding rack



Degreasing Dryer

Degreasing Dryer

Bead Filling Machine

Bead Filling Machine

Put the lock-head mould in punching machine, punch out the lock-head of stainless steel cable ties. The rewinding rack machine and feeder working with punching to ensure high efficiency. And the degreasing dryer is going to remove the oil of lock-head produced by punching machine and dry it.

The Bead Filling Machine is used for assembling the lock-head and steel ball.

2. Strip of Metal Cable Ties production

Strip cutting machine & Edge scraping machine

Edge scraping machine
Edge scraping machine

We also supply tunnel-type automatic plastic spraying line (including spool rack)

Coating machine for metal cable ties
Coating machine for metal cable ties

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