Cable Tie Mould – Guide of 2023

All issues about cable tie mould: cable tie mould drawing, cable tie mould manufacturing process with photos and videos. 

What should we pay attention to the cable tie mold design?

What should we pay attention when purchase a cable tie mold ? How to inspect a new cable tie mould? 

Mould is a significant and indispensable part for the cable tie plant.

1. Cable Tie Mould Design and Drawing

3×200-cable tie mold design

2. Cable Tie Mould Manufacturing | Photos and Videos


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3. Attention Points for Cable Tie Mould in Designing and Buying.

3.1  Cavities Quantity

The mold cavity quantity is the most important issue for the mold design. It is determining whether the injection molding is success and stable.

Cable tie is slim and without a standard size, so it will easily cause uncertainty number of the mold cavities. Especially for the inexperienced mold producers, it often leads to a unstable production, even fail to molding.

The number of mold cavities is determined by two factors: the injection molding machine and the raw materials. These three parts together fix a triangle to achieve a balance. More explaination,please check the article:cable tie manufacturing.

The machine will wear out, and the supply of raw materials is often unstable. Facing these problems, experienced mold makers will adopt a conservative strategy. Therefore, they can ensure the stability of the cable tie production line for many years.

An experienced manufacturer sells you solutions to ensure success, not just selling you steel. 

3.2 Insert and ejector

Normally in each cavities there are inserts and ejectors. Their cost determines the important part of the mold. The mass production is the only way to obtain the low cost and it is the same with the cable tie mold insert and ejectors as well.

The insert is the main part for the technology. Now, please check the following drawing to get a better understanding. This is one of the designs of insert .

Method of making a cable tie using insert molding

3.3 Water Runner

The cooling water runner is indispensable absolutely.

After the molding is stable, to reduce the cooling time, it is necessary to connect a cooling water runner to cool the mold.

4. Mould heating

What’s the suitable temperature for molds? The way to reduce the time for changing and preheating mold is one of the keys issue to the cable tie manufacturing.

If the time for mold preheating is reduced, the output per unit of time will be significantly improved. For this topic, we will just share with our customers, not for the public.

5. How to inspect one new cable tie mould by observing the cable tie.

Inspect one full sheet of the cable tie, you should pay attention to the following issues:

5.1 Cable tie size

Some of the mold maker will open the cavities according to their experience. And they used to make it a little bit shorter.

For example, the request size is 120 x 2.5mm. But sometimes they will make it 118mm long.

Anyway the tail is always cutted off. If you don’t mind, you may accept it.

5.2. Flash: unacceptable

Many elements may lead to this problem, if you meet, send us email and let us have a talk.

5.3 Cable tie turn yellow

Check the following:

# whether too many cavities

# whether using too much recycled materials to save the cost.

There are explanation in the article: Cable tie manufacturing

5.4 Are there many bubbles on the cable tie?

Many elements may lead to this problem and there are simple solution.

Please send us email, we will share our comments on receipt of your further information.


6. Cool runner or hot runner mould

The hot runner for the cable tie used to be called semi-hot runner.

It normally have only one or two hot runner points. That is to advance the melting point and reduce the temperature loss caused by the flow of molten material through the die cavity. 

Please refer to this chapter Cable Tie Manufacturing for explanation.

7. How to maintain the cable tie mould?

Grease the guide pin regularly, not using the thin oil.

long-cable-tie-mold (1)

8. Mould fixing

The mold needs repairing for the damage, please refer to the following:

For the mold fixing, there are too much issues, please send us email to discuss.

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