S Series

S Series – by servo motor

Machine Force 80%

Power Save 89%

Stable 90%

Short Description

# Control System

  • X86 300MHZ main board, 8” TFE800 *480 LCD panel.
  • Adoption of RISC 140 MHZ dual core processor enabling high processing speed, closed-loop control realizes 1~2 ms.
  • Providing complete SPC quality control / Superior &Inferior product identification and statistical system.
  • 5+I sets independent PID control temperature by CPU with data auto-adjustment function. Extendible 6 / 12 sets connection to the mold hot runner.
  • USB interface / SPC data transfer function.

# Hydraulic System

  • The most suitable configuration approved in practice for years. Energy saving, stable, and durable.
  • New generation servo system controller and high performance servo motor.
  • New generation servo driver control system of Inovance.
  • Imported high performance gear pump.
  • Environment-friendly: cooling water needed is 40% – 60% lower than the machine installed with normal piston pump. High purified hydraulic oil can be used as long as five years.
  • Reliable: long life of sealed parts and the overall hydraulic system because of the decrease in the temperature and the special cleaning system of the hydraulic oil.
  • Low noise disturbance: compact hydraulic design enables more stable and peaceful machine operation.

# Clamping Unit

  • High regidity platen ensures even stress and less chance of deformation leading to high precision clamping.
  • Optimized tie bar design ensuring stable and speedy movement with less impact.
  • Lengthened distance between tie bar, mold thickness and opening stroke for more flexibility of mold use.
  • Optimized lubrication system ensuring precision clamping and prolonging the life time of the clamping mechanism.
  • Speedy differential clamping circuit satisfying special movement requirement.
  • Hydraulic driven gear mold adjustment for speedier and reliable mold change.
  • Choice of multi ejector mode

# Injection Unit

  • Fast response injection and sealing construction.
  • Hopper slide guideway allowing more convenient and speedy material change.
  • Nozzle temperature control by PID or percentage for easy processing.
  • 5 stage injection, 3 stage holding pressure & 3 stage plasticizing control satisfying different product requirements.
  • Precise material temperature control ensuring product quality.

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