Guide for Injection Mold Design

About the Injection Mold Design

There are many important factors that will affect the design of injection mold. Therefore, we should take them all into account before the injection mold design.

1. Analysis of finished plastic product drawings and real samples.

At this point we have to consider the factors like geometry, size, technical requirements, appearance, tolerance and design basis of the product.

2. The model of the injection machine.

It is also a very critical factor for choosing the injection molding machine on which injection molding machine.

3. The determination and arrangement of the number of point cavities is also an important process.

E.g. the weight of the product and the injection volume of the injection machine, the accuracy of the product, whether the product has side cores and the processing method, etc.

4. The selection of injection mold profiles.

We need to consider the requirements that the appearance of the product cna’t be affected and its accuracy must be ensured. Besides, it should be helpful for the processing of the mold, especially the processing of the cavity.

5. The determination of the injection mold parting surface.

6.  Determine the parting and core pulling mechanism.

Next is the determination of the mold base and the selection of standard parts, the design of the mold pouring system, exhaust system, cooling system, thimble system and guide device, the drawing of the main parts of the mold, also the proofreading and signing of design drawings.

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