Analysis of the Color Instability of Injection Plastic Shells

About the color instability of injection plastic shells

Now, the application of plastic shells has been very extensive. In our daily life, they are very common, such as: electrical shells and the washbasins, all belong to plastics. And some people may find that the color is unstable on some of plastic shells. However, the color instability is a common problem when processing plastics.

Reasons and solutions of the color instability

Therefore, we will analyze the causes for the color instability of injection plastic shells in the following. Also, we will put forward the corresponding solutions for your reference.

1. First, we should check the temperature of the injection molding machine. The color instability is related to the high and low temperature of the injection molding machine. Hence, before processing the plastic shell, we must check the injection molding machine temperature first.

2. Sometimes the back pressure is too large. Then the production cycle will be unstable, which will further causing the color change.

3. The mixer does not mix the toner and raw materials according to the mixing process. The reasons like insufficient time, inconsistent feeding methods or inconsistent feeding order, can result in uneven color separation. And this is also one of the reasons for color instability. So, when processing the plastic shells, it’s also important to check the raw materials, time, feeding methods and order.

Color Instability of Injection Plastic Shells

4.  Because the humidity of the raw material is too high, the viscosity inside has not spread. Finally it will make the color of plastic shells unstable after processing .

5.  The recycle amount of nozzle material is sometimes more sometimes less. And it has a greater impact on light-colored injection molded parts.

6. The brand and batch of ingredients are inconsistent. Due to the different background color of each raw material, the injection molding parts color of the same toner will be different. Sometimes the different batches of raw materials from the same supplier can also cause some deviations in the background color. Therefore, for products with high requirements on color deviation, it is even necessary to control consistency of background color of each batch of incoming materials.

7.  If the toner quality is too poor or not heat-resistant, the color may also be unstable. Or the wrong toner is used for the raw material. Then, it will also make the color unstable.

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