KF Series

KF series – special for cable tie

KF series machines are special for the cable tie production, they have three models: 288 ton, 358 ton, and 428 ton. Their power system is with variable displacement pump.

machine force 92%
Power save 70%
stable 95%

Short Description

# Injection Unit

  • Integral injection unit design, high rigidity, deformation, stable injection.
  • Spring nozzle preventing from drooling.
  • Special screw and barrel design according to nylon character, considering the gas exhaust and water drainage guarantees the good quality product.
  • Hopper on movable slide for easy cleaning.

# Clamping Unit

  • All stress bearing parts with special design of high rigidity and high intensity, greatly improve the mechanical fatigue strength and guarantee the durability.
  • Optimized five-point toggle design for short opening stroke achieves high production efficiency.
  • Rectangular platen design satisfies the slim mold of the cable tie.
  • Central oil automatic lubrication system for clamping unit.
  • Manual pump of grease lubrication facilitate the lubrication request.
  • Hydraulic motor drive gear for mold adjustment.

# Power System

  • adopt “Yuken” high response variable displacement pump imported from Japan, obtaining stable, reliable, energy saving and easy-maintaining performance.
  • The output of power system responds exactly the request of the production, avoiding the overflow loss and realizing 25% to 70% power saving comparing the traditional machine.
  • Upgraded power system improves the product quality and increase the production output.

# Hydraulic System

  • Optimized hydraulic circuit design satisfies the request of high pressure and high speed while minimizing the hydraulic shock.
  • Reliable four layers high pressure hoses for the connection, reducing the impact.

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