Injection Molding Machine Testing and Setting

Through this article, you can learn about the important points in the testing and setting of the injection molding machine.

Before starting the machine

1. After settling of the machine, adjust it to the horizontal position.

2. Uninstall the fix plates.

3. Check whether the connection of cable is correct.

4. Turn on the pump, check whether the motor runs correctly. If not, adjust the phase of the cable.

5. Try to check every action of the machine in test.

Auxiliary machine installation

1. Water cooler

A. Oil cooling, down-in, up -out

B. Mold water cooler

2. Dryer hopper installation

3. Unload robot installation

Mold installation

1. Check the mold.

2. Learn about the ejector of the mold, remove the useless ejector of the machine.

3. Prepare the mold clamp and other tool.

4. Before lifting the mold, pay attention whether the holding point is the centre of gravity of the mold, or whether the mold parts will slide while lifting.

5. Adjust the “mold thickness” of the machine to the same as the installed mold thickness, watch the “current mold thickness”.

6. Set the mold to be aligned with the centre of the nozzle, keep the mold in the right position, settle the mold clamp.

7. Adjust the clamping force of the machine

After installing the mold, you can use the automatic clamping force adjustment function of the machine. Since the clamping force required by the cable tie mold is relatively large, when applying that function, the clamping force should be set to 80%-90% of the maximum clamping force of the machine. When using “automatic clamping force adjustment function”, the functions of “automatic mold adjustment” and “automatic adjustment of clamping force” must be turned on.

Mold Adjustment Setting

Production adjustment

1. Dryer the raw materials before production ( 3 – 4 hours under 80 ℃, and 1-2 hour under 100℃ )

2. Barrel heating temperature setting

Nozzle 60%, fist stage 290- 320℃, second stage 290 – 310℃, third stage 280-300, forth stage 250-280℃.

Injection Molding Machine Testing and Setting - Temperature Setting

3. Opening and clamping parameter adjustment

According to the demand, adjust the distance and speed of mold opening and clamping to ensure the stable operation of the machine. The position of slow open mold should be set as the maximum stroke of the machine.

Opening and Clamping Setting

4. Production parameter adjustment

A. According to the weight of the cable tie, set the melt point. Normally, it only needs to setting the “Feeding 3” , melt press 120-150, speed 70% – 90%.

Injection and Feeding Setting-1

 B. Set the ejector position ( the eject 2 is the maximum eject length, eject time and eject speed )

Ejection Setting

C. Initial setting of injection parameter

Normally apply the first stage of injection and first stage of holding press, the injection press 50, speed 20, position 10 ( according to the shape of the product output and mold temperature, increase the injection press and speed, injection press to 50 -150, injection speed to 80- 99), other stage 2-6 data are set to 0. Injection time is 2 – 4 second, cooling time 5-10 seconds, holding press apply “holding press 1”, other stages are 0,  “holding press 1” the final data set to be 50% of the injection data.

Injection and Feeding Setting

5. After reaching the setting data and temperature, you may introduce the materials to produce. Clean the barrel till the raw materials is with correct form and color and after that, the production is allowed. 


The Nylon in melt is with very good flow behavior, you must be careful for the safe purpose.

When exhausting and cleaning, the operator should take the protection measure, others should keep away from the machine.

While the nozzle stop injecting or the or the nozzle needs to be disassembled, the screw should be drawn back to the end ( keep no pressure in the barrel ). Till the temperature cool down, then you can start the operation.(no any action of melting the plastic )

After the production and before the machine stops, the barrel should be exhaust and clean completely.

Can’t clamping tight the mold before stopping the machine.

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