Injection molding | 5 Important Cycle Times

5 important cycle times for injection molding

Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the shorter the cycle time, the better. The cycle times for injection molding include glue injection time, pressure holding time, melting time, cooling time, ejection time and mold clamping low pressure time. Also related to the time factor are the mold opening and clamping, and the speed of ejection.

1. Injection time( Including pressure holding time )

Generally it seems that the longer the injection time is, the more saturated the product will be. But when we are talking about quality, we must also consider the production capacity. Moreover, overly long injection time may cause the product to be too full, resulting in a series of problems such as the large deformation size of the sticky mold ejection. So we should comprehensively consider the setting of injection time, and try to shorten the injection time with the premise of meeting the quality requirements.

2. Melting time

The length depends on the speed of the setting of melting speed and the back pressure. But the length of the melting time must be shorter than the cooling time.

3. Cooling time

The length of the cooling time directly affects the molding cycle. The longer the cooling time, the longer the molding time and the lower the production capacity. Therefore, when we set the high-pressure cooling time, the shorter the set time, the better, as long as we can ensure that the product cab be molded smoothly and it will not directly cause deformation and other issues.


4. Ejection time

The ejection time generally coordinates with the manipulator. The ejection dwell time is generally maintained at 1.5-2 seconds when using the robot automatically. During the semi-automatic production, problems like product falls or jams for the ejection of the thimble and the product cannot be removed, the dwell time should be kept for about 5 seconds.

5. Low voltage protection time

It plays a great role in protecting our personal safety and mold safety. With the adjustment of the low-pressure position and low pressure of the mold, the low-pressure protection time should be 1-3 seconds. The shorter the protection time, the smaller the possible damage.

In conclusion, we should reasonably control the cycle times for injection molding to improve the capacity and safety. And that must be based on ensuring the quality of products.

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