Injection Mold Maintenance

What are included in injection mold maintenance?

As the most important production tool of the injection molding factory, the injection mold determines the shape, specification, size, and appearance finish of the product. The material of the hardware mold is steel, which is generally composed of a front mold and rear mold.

Due to the specificity, precision, vulnerability and other characteristics of the mold, the safety protection of the mold is vital. They are mainly as follows:

  • Anti-rust: Prevent rusting caused by water leakage/ condensation / rain / fingerprints in the injectionmold.
  • Anti-collision: Prevent the mold from crashing due to the breakage of the thimble and the failure to retract in place.
  • Deburring: Prevent mold burrs from being touched by cloth wiper/ material punching / hand wipe / spout pliers.
  • Missing parts: Prevent the mold from being damaged due to lack of tie rods/ washers and other parts.
  • Anti-pressure: Prevent the mold from being crushed due to the mold locking andthe remaining product.
  • Underpressure: Prevent mold damage resulting from excessive low pressure protection.

Among them, the proportion of mold damage resulting from the fllowing situations is relatively high and frequently occur:

  • Breakage of the thimble.
  • Thimble not returning in place.
  • Residual product in the mold.
  • Lack of accessories.

So more than 85% of the mold damage is caused by these reasons. The maintenance cost of molds is generally high. Therefore, the problem that how to avoid such situations is directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry.

Tips for injection mold maintenance

(1) When disassembling the mold, avoid bumps and water, and move it.

(2) Spray the hot moldand then spray a small amount of release agent.

(3) Carry out acomprehensive inspection of the mold and anti-rust treatment. Carefully dry the the moisture and debris of cavity, core, ejector mechanism, row position and other parts. Besides, spray the anti-rust agent for mold and apply

(4) During the continuous working process of the mold, the following problems may easily occur in the motor process :

  • The wear and tear of parts
  • Lubricantdeterioration
  • Water leakage
  • Crushing of plastic materials

Thus, the maintenance for mold is indispensable.

The daily maintenance of the mold generally includes the following aspects:

  • Regular rust removal (appearance, PL surface, cavity, core, etc.)
  • Re-add lubricant regularly (ejection mechanism, row position, etc.)
  • Regular replacement of wear parts (tie rods, bolts, etc.)
  • The lower mold maintenance of the mold requires professional maintenance personnel to remove the mold. Andthen conduct professional testing and protection on the mold cavity, thimble, etc.

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