How to Prevent Coating Flaking of Injection Molded Products?

About the coating flaking

In our daily life, it’s common to see the coatings of plastic products flake off. Now, Let’s find out what are the causes and how to avoid such a problem.

1. Causes of flaking coating

  • lSilver streak on the product
  • lPoor paint and improper coating method

2. Related knowledge

The release agent is used for the small draft angel. So the resulting coating peeling defects are very common. A large amount of release agent containing silicone oil remains on the product, resulting in very bad quality.


3. Solutions of coating flaking

  • Immediate : inspection of coating, standardization of coating operation, washing of release agent
  • Short-term : remove silver streaks from products.
  • Long-term : increase release agent.

4. For differences in materials

Generally, painting operations are not performed for PS, PP, POM, etc. , while PP, etc. can be painted after pre-treatment.

For PS, especially GPPS, the solvent is prone to network silicon cracks, So the solvent should be carefully selected. Another is to set the molding conditions in the direction of no residual stress on the product.

As for the solutions for the coating flaking of plastic products, do you have any other better suggestions? If you do have, please leave your comment and let’s talk about it futher.

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