Common Problems About the Plastic Equipment

Frequently asked questions about plastic equipment.

1. EU12 Robot Connection


2. Setting Lubrication Modulus

(1) change screen from “operator” to “system”, password is “182838”

(2) press F10 twice, it will show screen “I/O Input Definition”

(3) press F8 ,you will find “Clamp parameter”, then input password “123456”

(4) Move cursor to “Lubber Counter MAX”, then input parameter “300”

(5) press F9 to return the screen “system”, then press F10 one time, finally press F9 screen “Mold Adjust” to setting the auto lubrication modulus  to “300” .

3. Water Connection of Cooler


4. Setting Time

(1) change screen from “operator” to “system”, password “182838”

(2) press F10 twice, show screen “I/O Input Definition”

(3) press F8 , find the button “custom setting”, and input password “123456

(4) change cursor to “system date”, then input password“585858” to set the time.

(5) press F9 to return the screen “operator”

5. Parallelism Between the Head Platen and the Moving Platen

(1) System pressure is adjusted to be greater than 15Mpa.

(2) Measuring the parallelism with a dial indicator,

the deviation of the four corners as follows are ok.

K90-120:   0.12—0.24mm

K160-260:  0.16—0.36mm

K320-560:  0.24—0.48mm

6. Lubrication Device

(1) Lubrication parameter setting under normal condition of use:

100 molds within 1 year

(2) Lubrication time:

lubrication time-1

(3) The lubrication oil must be new gear lubricant. Filling used oil is not allowed, to avoid serious mechanical damage.

(4) Lubrication oil recommended: Mobil gear oil 629 or CASTORSP150.

(5) Manual lubrication once a week. Confirm the lubrication oil pump operates normally (Normal operating pressure of lubrication pump is 15-17 kg).

7. How to Change Iron Sheet

(1) Adjust tail platen to the end , it should be in the largest distance with the second platen ;

(2) Lift the two tie bars to change the iron sheet and the hose


Three steps to fit

1)Fix the two screws as below


2)  tensing iron sheet as hard as you can


3) fix the last two screws


8. Setting Mold Thickness (Min-Max)

(1) Enter operator password “182838”


(2) Press F10 twice to enter the view “I/O Input Definition”


(3) Press F8 to find “Mold Adjust”, then enter password “123456”


(4) setting “Min- Limit” &”Max-Limit”


9. DA Adjust

(1) Enter system password: “14321”, then press “F2”

(2) DA Select “#3”

(3) Adjust parameter of “D/A Press Curve” and “D/A Flow Curve” according to the machine.

(4) Save


10. How to install an encoder

(1) Connect the cable into the junction box


(2) Fix the encoder with screws


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