How to Ensure the Safety When Operating Injection Molding Machine?

The operating procedures of the injection molding machine

1. Familiar with the operation of injection molding machine

The operator must be familiar with and understand the function of each switch button on the equipment operation panel. And operate in strict accordance with the operating rules and attentions.

2. Checking before the production

Before the machine heats up and starts production, open the cooling water valve and observe whether the water channel is unblocked.

3. Starting the oil pump motor

Close the power switch on the side of the control box. Then, switch on the internal power supply, and press the motor start button on the panel to start the oil pump motor.

4. Let the machine run for a few minutes

For the machine that is used for the first time and hasn’t been used for a long time, after the oil pump is started. it must be run for a few minutes before starting to operate.

5. Temperature setting

Turn on the barrel heating switch and the electric heating power. Next, adjust the thermostatic nozzle and temperature controller on the case door and set the temperature. Observe the current of the ammeter, and determine the quality of the heating coil.

6. Test run

Carry out the test run from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic. At the same time, check whether the important fastening bolts are loose, and stop immediately if you found abnormality. After confirming that it is normal or troubleshooting, then carry out the test run.

7. Barrel Cleaning

You should clean the barrel when the processing stops or changing the material. The cleaning should be carried out with the barrel heated. After completing the cleaning, turn off the heating switch immediately. The cleaning is particularly important for the processing of easily decomposable plastics.

8. After finishing the processing

When processing stops, first turn the action operation switch to the manual position. And place other action switches on the off position OO, then turn off the barrel heating switch.

9. Ending the operation of machine

In order to ensure the safety of the operating procedures of the injection molding machine, press the motor stop button to turn off the oil pump motor, and finally turn off the power switch to end the work.

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